My name is Frederik Brudy. I am a Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk Research Toronto.

Previously I did two Research Internships at Microsoft Research Redmond WA, where I was working in the EPIC Research group. Before that I was working as researcher at University College London (UCL) where I designed and developed tangible devices for measuring user experience as well as for creating artistic collaborations. I received my PhD in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction from UCL, where I was working on designing and building cross-device interaction techniques and tools. My PhD supervisors were Dr. Nicolai Marquardt and Professor Yvonne Rogers. My PhD research was co-funded by Microsoft Research Cambridge and UCL.

I am interested in exploring how cross device interactions facilitate individual and collaborative work. How do we transition a task from our phone to our desktop computer? What are the individual and collaborative uses and interactions for (e.g.) large displays in combination with tablet devices? How can we design interactions that support these transitions of task, device, place, and people? And how do we study these? For my PhD I was exploring these cross-device questions around the use case of curation activities in professional (museum) and non-professional environments.

More generally I am interested in interactions with personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets, tangible and physical computing, and information visualisation. I love to explore the possibilities of mobile and tangible devices as well as the web.

In summer 2019 I did a previous internship at Microsoft Research Redmond, WA, USA, working in the EPIC Research group with Ken Hinckley, Michel Pahud, and Bill Buxton.

I received my master's degree in the Media Informatics program at the University of Munich (LMU), where I graduated in summer '14.

During the winter 2013 / 2014 I did a research internship in the Interactions Lab at the University of Calgary working with Professor Saul Greenberg.

In the past I did an internship at BMW Group Research and Technology und Technik.

I received my bachelor's degree in Media Informatics from the University of Munich (LMU) in 2012.